COVID-19 Update:

In response to the coronavirus, BioMedtix is taking steps to help ensure the health and safety of both employees and customers. We are also keeping in close contact with our vendors to ensure our supply chain remains intact.
BioMedtrix will continue to provide the highest standard possible of quality control as we navigate this emergency. Orders will continue to be filled as per our usual policy, pending any developments.
Should any interruption to our supply chain occur as a result of the pandemic, clients will be notified immediately.

About BioMedtrix


BioMedtrix was founded in 1989 with the objective of designing, developing, and manufacturing state-of-the-art veterinary orthopedic implants. Our continuing mission is to provide quality in all aspects of product development, manufacturing, and customer service. Through research sponsorships and collaborations with the world's foremost surgeons, BioMedtrix continues to support the development of new programs to address veterinary needs.

BioMedtrix is represented in over 95% of the US veterinary teaching universities, selected international universities, and specialty clinics throughout the world. We have over 400 clients which have been using BioMedtrix products with over 20 years of clinical success. This level of support from our customers provides us the opportunity to continue product development.

Research & Development

With over 36 years of development experience in human and veterinary implants, BioMedtrix has developed proprietary processes, and has patents on several designs addressing clinical needs in the canine hip, knee, elbow and trauma. Our research and testing approaches have demonstrated improved product development cycles with designs addressing long term clinical needs.

Quality Standards

Quality has always been a relative term amongst various medical manufacturers. However, under BioMedtrix operational policies, we maintain quality standards comparable to those used by human orthopedic manufacturers. We adhere to all ASTM specifications for implant materials and maintain standards for articulating surfaces of implants which meet or exceed those specified for human implants. Our manufacturing processes meet the ISO 13485 standard, which defines the international quality management system for medical devices.

Advisory Board

In the event a client has a detailed surgical question, BioMedtrix has a panel of surgeons who can provide immediate answers. These surgeons are specialists in veterinary orthopedics, and cumulatively have over 250 years experience in veterinary medicine.